About us

At Earplugs For Industry we understand the need of hearing protection for the labour and workers in the field. The importance of hearing protection is increasing as hearing loss risk becomes more prevalent.

Big Ear Inc.

Big Ear is a leader on the forefront of hearing health technologies.

We offer custom fit hearing protection, stereo plugs designed for motorcyclists, and bluetooth earpiece adapters, and more.

The reality of “noise induced hearing loss” is not just an industrial problem, but a societal problem of major proportions. It can affect anyone without regard to ethnicity, sex or age.

Why us?

Each Big Ear product has been scientifically designed and tested for your active lifestyle. We have searched the world to find the absolute best partners in custom hearing protection. We only offer the best of the best which is why we use 8 Labs and only offer their premium products. Big Ear’s custom molded earplugs and ear pieces are designed to fit you. Our reusable ear plugs are custom made to fit your ears, giving you superior ear protection and helping to prevent hearing loss. Our custom fit ear pieces work with your existing technology to give you the best sound quality, while reducing background noise. Big Ear, Inc, the leader in hearing health technologies.