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Customers Served

Custom Industrial Hearing Protection Installation

53 sec

How To Install Custom Industrial Hearing Protection

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Finding the right Big Ear Industrial Hearing Protection solution for you!

To understand how the site works please watch this video

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So Many Choices, How to Find The Right Ear Plug

Understanding the world of  Ear Plugs Video



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Why Custom Industrial Hearing Protection?

When it comes to providing employees with Industrial Hearing Protection, it usually comes down to cost savings first and then performance, Green Footprint, etc.

There should be a lot more that goes into this buying decision of Industrial Hearing Protection, but we usually don’t find that EHS people consider all that is involved in the process.

There actually is a process in buying Custom Industrial Hearing Protection, and it is discussed in the great Article on the Industrial Hearing Protection Ear Plug Buying Cycle.

Once you see how involved it is, take a minute and Read How to Chose the Right Earplug.

This helps you understand exactly what kind of Industrial Hearing Protection is available for each and every different situation that you might have at your workplace.

If it were just a cost assessment option, then no one would ever buy a generic solution ever again. This is the most expensive way to outfit your hearing protection program. It is waste full, environmentally unfriendly, very painful for the employee and just doesn’t work very well.

There are always threshold shifts and hearing damage issues every year. It is so bad now that there are lawsuits holding the earplug companies accountable because the hearing protection that they were using actually allowed hearing damage to continue to occur.

This sounds like because we sell Custom Industrial Hearing Protection that we are trying to talk bad about these companies and yes it is true. They just don’t work.

The reason it is still the way it is done is in 10 minutes just by buying a few boxes of earplugs passing them out your have satisfied the OSHA regulations of starting a hearing conservation program.

A word from the founder


I started Big Ear as the result of the lack of education about hearing loss. My hearing loss is the result of lifestyle choices and not understanding the consequences of constant transmission shop noise. This resulted in tinnitus, which was worsened by medication prescribed to treat the condition.

So I began Big EAR in 2003 to educate and inform everyone that I met about the risks. Since I have a keen interest in motorcycles, I started teaching motorcycle riders about the effects of wind noise harming their hearing. This has now evolved to parents, band directors, and safety directors on hearing preservation.

With thousands of returning customers and companies and now hundreds of providers on board, there’s one resounding comment, “Thank you, Big Ear! Your custom earplugs are the only way to go!”

“I Love my Big Ears!”

big ear

Our Customers

Can’t Live Without Them!

Big Ear,
Thanks again for the great service. I now have two sets of earphones and can’t live without them. Originally, I bought them to use while motorcycling, but have evolved to use them on airplanes, cutting the grass at home, and watching my iPad on the train to and from work…. anything that I need headphones for, I use my Big Ears.
I also have a set of ear plugs; I think these are critical when riding (or any activity with loud noise really). After leaving for a recent three-day ride, I realized that I had left them at home after being on the road for a half hour. I turned around, went back home and got them. They are THAT important.
Thanks again for a great product and great service.

Tim CIllinois

Best Swim Plugs I have ever used


Thought I would give you a review on my new BigEar audio swim plugs. After 6 weeks of use, I can safely say these are by far the best swim audio plugs I have ever used and I have been through alot of different audio ear plugs. Your ear plugs are extremely clear with great sound stage for an underwater ear plug. I have been asked if they are worth the money. I can unequivocally say yes. They stay in place during flip turns and once in you don’t need to adjust. This is paramount when you are trying to do 45 mins to an hour of uninterrupted swimming. Again great job!

David S.

Sound is outstanding!

My stereo ear plugs work great and I thank you for expediting them for me. I have used them on my bike, airplanes, and trade show floors and the sound is outstanding!

Howard P. Niwot, Co

Everyone should have a set!

I can’t praise your wonderful Big Ears enough. I have used them for 2 years now and they are always in reach. I race the national women’s sno-x circuit and placed in the top 10 the past 4 years in a row. Thanks again, for such a wonderful product! Everyone should have a set! 2005 Pro Women’s MSSR/WSA Champion

Oksana B. Leadville, Co
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From OSHA:

Employers are required to measure noise levels; provide free annual hearing exams, hearing protection, and training; and conduct evaluations of the adequacy of the hearing protectors in use (unless changes made to tools, equipment, and schedules result in worker noise exposure levels that are less than the 85 dBA).

Hearing conservation programs strive to prevent initial occupational hearing loss, preserve and protect remaining hearing, and equip workers with the knowledge and hearing protection devices necessary to safeguard themselves.

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